I bought my son a dollhouse

What better way to get back into my writing then starting with a subject the evokes shock, awe, judgement and disbelief right?!

Did y’all miss me? It is my hearts hope that you all had a beautiful holiday season with your loved ones. It is my hope that space was made for the people in your life who are neurodiverse and/or disabled to be themselves and enjoy all that matters in this season…love and family.

Caleb had really gotten into the Christmas spirit these last 2 years but this year he was over the too excited and barely slept the night before waiting to see if all of his list had been fulfilled.

Where is the boy he wouldn’t allow us to have a Christmas tree because he said trees belong outside?! Not anymore!

Where’s the boy who only wanted 1 thing for Christmas? Ummm a whole list was sent to Santa this year (aka a custom Amazon registry).

It’s unbelievable but it has been such a joy to watch. I now understand why parents continue to lie to their kids every year about Santa. I’m not doing the elf thing but I get it now! Also I blame YouTube with these damn toy reviews and commercials. I had to have Mr.Men and Little Miss toys sent from Canada from various collectors because he’s decided he needs to collect all 90 of them. F—- You very much YouTube! Lol

Listen! Santa Mama didn’t have it but he’s up to 25 and I’m hoping they continue to be sought after so we can get the money back one day.

Anyway, Caleb’s list also included Transformers G1 nettle figurines “all 18 of them”, Paw Patrol big truck pups “every character”, Mr. Men and Little Miss books set, Hess transporter trucks with Hot rods, and a Gabby’s dollhouse!

Say what now?!

Oh Gabby’s dollhouse made the list again. This is year 2 which means he’s committed to this for some reason. I admit I thought this request might go away but wasn’t sure so I held off. Caleb watches this show on Netflix and he really likes Gabby and her friends (animal characters)..DJ Katnip in particular is his favorite. He’s a DJ, he plays music and Caleb loves him. In fact last year I bought him a DJ Katnip toy with a pair of turntables and I thought that would satisfy his request.

However in true Rose Parks fashion Caleb said, “Nah.”

It’s gift request time once again and here comes Gabby’s dollhouse on the list and once again here was Gemma saying “absolutely not!” LOL

Now, we let Gemma get a say but the final law and order comes from mama so as I do with everything else I started in on some research.

“What the hell is it about this dollhouse that Caleb really wants?” I knew it wasn’t the “dolls” he doesn’t like dolls and has never showed any interest in them. In fact I think that’s part of his attraction to this one, the little figures are mostly animals with the exception of Gabby. The house is basically a creatives dream house though, it has the essentials (bathroom, bedroom, kitchen) but then it has a craft room, play room and what I found to be the the real appeal to it all…The music room! Well damn, now I want to live in Gabby’s dolls house! The damn thing plays music courtesy of DJ Katnip of course.

“Ok this makes more sense.”

The price was decent.

Target had it.

Easy enough. Bought!

Now I just have to tell Gemma and his dad that I’m buying him a dollhouse. And it was that thought that actually gave me reflective pause. Why do I have to justify getting Caleb a dollhouse? The answer is simple. Because he wants it. Just like everything else we buy his little spoiled ass. He wants it and it’s Christmas!

That’s it! Period!

However, there was still pause, even within myself and I need to dissect it and get rid of it. Why can’t boys play with houses? Toys, especially at this age, are about imagination, creativity, pretend play and dreaming. Why shouldn’t little boys dream of fancy houses with music rooms? I mean isn’t that how artists and producers live. Why aren’t their more male dolls and figures? We know representation matters. Girls/women don’t live in this world alone. Isn’t it more realistic that he could one day own his own home than it is that he would become a transforming robot who fights aliens to save the world?? And yet, that’s what boys are “supposed” to play with.

His love for transformers has him attempting to jump off furniture and mimicking violence and death and yet I’m more concerned with him playing with a little girl and her cat friends?!

Whoa Tiffany!! This doesn’t make sense at all.

This was the conversation I had with myself and eventually his dad and Gemma. Actually it was more like,

“Don’t freak out but I’m getting Caleb a dollhouse!”

I was ready to go into the same rant I’d had with myself though but it wasn’t necessary. There was no freaking out. I don’t know if it’s because of the year we’ve had and the fact that they just wanted him to be happy but no freak outs were had and I was grateful.

As I watched Caleb open his dollhouse on Christmas morning, I waited to see what his reaction would be. At first he told me to take it back.

LOL, yep because kids are ungrateful and they suck. Autism doesn’t prevent that from being true.

Once he opened everything else and he finally said. “Take it out the box” as he side eyed the poor box like it had eaten his last McDonald’s chicken nugget.

For whatever reason he didn’t like the box and the excitement came as I put the house together. We were both disappointed that there wasn’t a DJ Katnip figure included but Amazon fixed that. Otherwise, he was content, not overly excited but content. Funny enough he quickly tossed poor little Gabby to the side and loaded up his transformers G1 figures and hot rod cars into the house.

Whatever works son! This is your world. Your imagination, Your pretend play. Do you boo!

And that’s what he’s been doing, I’m happy I bought my son a dollhouse. I’m happy the pause didn’t stop me from making a decision that I really couldn’t justify. If you’re a parent reading this and are worried about what others will say, societal norms, or even your inner voice yelling at you from a place of insecurity and trauma, tell them all to suck it! Because is not a reasonable answer to the question Why?

Make room for your child’s happiness, hell make room for your own happiness.

Let that lead you into 2023. Happy New Year folks.


I suppose six wouldn’t be a memorable number to most but that’s kinda how we roll right?! 

To the beat of our own drum. 

In our own lane. 

Making up our own rules as we go. 

That’s always been us baby boy. The number six has always been a part of us…you were born on 6/26 at 6:11pm (a solid 8 days overdue coming into this world on your own time).

Coincidently, this is also the first year you’re acknowledging and excited for your birthday, once again on your own time. I am also excited. You are helping with the planning…balloons, pool time, an “indigo cake” which just means blue frosting. You got it!

I get excited every year but you’ve been pretty laid back about it in the past. That’s really how these love letters came to be. I wanted to ensure that whenever (if ever) you are ready, you can look back and know that mama always celebrated YOU. Not just today but every day.  Birthday parties are great and we will have a few (if you want) but I wanted to take time every year to really reflect and share with you how special you are.

This is the time of year when I say, WE MADE IT!!

I never doubt that but our journey is so unique and special that it’s easy to get caught up in the day to day…the appointments and the routines. This year, in particular, has been challenging for everyone but you’ve taught me so much. 

We made it through a pandemic(you’ll learn about it in history class I’m sure at some point) but as it relates to us just know we were pretty much locked up together 24/7 for over a year. We both ran low on patience and I apologize for not being the best mama at all times. I apologize for the days that all I had may not have seemed like enough. I always tried my best. I always apologized quickly. I never stopped loving on you with all I had. I hope you always felt that..and felt wanted and heard. I did my best and I know you did too. I learned so much this year from so many people; your people, your community. I listened, I took notes, I did better. I learned that accepting autism and accepting that you are autistic are 2 different things, who knew?! 

You’ve grown so much this year Caleb, not just physically but emotionally and developmentally. You’re so expressive and funny. You make me laugh out loud and you leave me speechless often with the things you say and do. We made a lot of changes this year and you took them in stride, some days were a challenge but we made it through together…per usual, as promised. In doing that I feel like I’ve seen you in ways like I never did before. I heard a lot of what you were trying to say even when you didn’t have the words and acted as quickly as I could. I’m only sorry I didn’t listen sooner. I’ve watched how you’ve grown just by being seen and understood…it’s beautiful. You are beautiful my sweet boy. I promise to continue to love you like this always, unconditionally and the way that’s best for you.

I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for you. I’m so proud of you already for things you’ve accomplished and what’s to come. Stay fearless. Stay brave. Stay curious. Stay Kind. You remain the brightest light in my universe leading the way and I’ll always follow.

Happy 6th Birthday my Caleb Ashton!!! Let’s Parrtttyyyyyyyy!!

Soul crushing meltdowns

Caleb had a great morning yesterday. He’s actually been having lots of amazing days. He’s taking a new supplement. He’s talking more, clear and concise cognitive thoughts. He is an absolute joy and I’m really enjoying this phase of parenting.

When he came home from therapy yesterday he asked to watch Angry Birds 2. I hadn’t watched these movies but he was watching the trailer on YouTube and was enjoying the music. Less than 5 minutes in he had his ears covered, he said he didn’t want his headphones. Instead he got up ran in the room and closed the door. I turned off the TV right away and yelled that it was off and everything was ok.

I was too late. He opened the door and said “Mama I wet myself” his face had already changed. It was happening, we were about to go through a meltdown. The “look” of a meltdown is one of both sadness, fear and anger. Tears were in his eyes. I told him it was ok and as I went to comfort him and change his clothes he went on the attack. It was the worst meltdown he’s had in awhile. It would last for what seemed like forever.

He was intentionally and unintentionally urinating on himself and trying to vomit. I got scratched and hit in the throat. Fuck! That one hurt. I wasn’t fast enough, soon I won’t be strong enough. He’s a solid 60lbs.

I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t handle it well. I apologized immediately. He was hurting, he didn’t mean it. I was hurting. We were both sweating. By the end of it I had stripped down to my underwear and he was naked.

We were exhausted physically and emotionally. I was asking him to tell me his feelings and he was screaming “SAD!!” but couldn’t tell me why. When he finally ran out of steam, I held him on my lap, a lap that he’s outgrown. He will soon be bigger than me. I wiped his tears and told him I loved him.

And then as quickly as you flick a switch, he wiped his own tears and asked me for a cupcake. We were on the other side…well he was. Sometimes it takes my mind body and soul a little longer to catch up.

As I fed him his cupcake he asked me for underwear and his iPad, when I got back with both he quietly touched my cheek and said “sorry mama” and then found his YouTube videos like nothing happened.

I was sorry too, I told him again. Sorry he had to go through this, sorry I didn’t know better about the movie, sorry that I didn’t turn it off at the first sign of overstimulation. Sorry that I screamed out and screamed at him when I got that tough little right hook to the throat.

While he relaxed on the couch and waited for Gemma to come back with his lunch, I cleaned up the three rooms we had destroyed in the process. The pee on the bathroom floor and my bedroom, the toys he’d thrown and broken in the living room, papers he’d pulled off the kitchen counter..our clothes that we’d stripped out of as we tussled through the house in my attempt to restrain him. In a meltdown he’s out for blood and destruction. Protecting him from him is priority number 1, protecting Gemma is next but she luckily was not home. In our last meltdown I yelled out “mom go in your room and lock your door!”

It scared me..I’m sure it scared her.

Caleb will be 6 soon but in a meltdown he has the strength of a man. He’s becoming more powerful, I will physically have to maintain my strength to protect all of us from these meltdowns as I don’t know if or when they’ll ever end. That is a reality I have read about and have started to prepare for. It’s the reality that will never make it to our YouTube channel but it’s also an important part of our story that I feel the need to share.

Caleb is not only autism but autism is a part of our world, everyday and all day. It doesn’t always present itself in a meltdown but when it does, it is unannounced and certainly packs a punch (sometimes literally).

2020 Thanksgiving…an Autism Moms dream

Thanksgiving used to be my favorite holidays. I have lots of cousins (from my moms side)and that was the day we all got together when I was younger and even as I became an adult. It was the one day of the year that I knew I could go “home” and be brought back to childhood. Thanksgiving 2012 was the last one before my grandmother died and it was the last Thanksgiving that I enjoyed.

When Caleb was born part of why I wanted to move to FL was to be close to family so he could experience the same with his cousins here (from my Dads side) that were close to his age.The first thanksgiving we were here was around the time we found out that Autism was a real possibility but aside from that Caleb was already showing signs of overstimulation, aggression and not really being social. All of this meant mama once again, didn’t get to enjoy Thanksgiving. The following year was a little better, we knew what we were dealing with; our family was also aware and did their best to help but the anxiety was still there.

Family gatherings are hard. Caleb loves his family but gets overstimulated. He doesn’t eat anything, he doesn’t want to sit still at a dining table and there’s lots of people around. I, in turn, barely get to eat, I spend most of the time chasing, navigating, hovering and more importantly not enjoying family time.

It sounds awful to say in a time when people would kill to be with family (Some are literally risking it all to be with family) but I’m glad we got to stay home. I sat down and ate. Caleb had his usual chicken nuggets. There was no hovering, no anxiety, no reminders that Thanksgiving may never be the same.

This Thanksgiving the thing I’m most grateful for is that there was no real Thanksgiving. It may seem selfish but Caleb had a great day and everyone was happy.

Maybe we’ll try again in 2021

Te Amo

5 years hasn’t felt very long, we’ve had some weeks and months that have actually felt longer.

Every day I look at you, Caleb, and I realize you were sent to me and that not much has changed about you from the moment I saw you on the sonogram screen. I’d never had one of those before and I was able to identify right away that you were a boy. When I sat up and looked closely at the screen I remember saying, “Is he upside down?” Just a little upside gummy bear is what I saw. The midwife laughed and said “well we can’t determine the sex so early but it’s definitely upside down.” Right away I looked at Gemma and said “God help me, I’m having a little bad ass boy!” LOL I wanted a boy. I prayed for a boy. I knew right away you’d be jumping off furniture and bouncing off the walls and as the Big 5 rolls up on us you are doing all of those things now more than ever!! In fact just this week you’ve turned our living room into your own Ninja Warrior obstacle course exclaiming every minute “Welcome to Baby Ninja Warrior Kids!”

Fetus Ninja Warrior

I was wrong about the bad part though, nothing about you is bad at all, not from a single hair on your head to your little brown feet. You are pure unfiltered goodness and I pray every day that you can stay that way in a world that has stacked the odds against you. You are, however, still doing things your way and on your own time. (Preferably upside You are determined and stubborn. You are brilliant and bright. You have a light that shines through from that beautiful smile that no one will ever be able to deny. They will try to for sure and maybe even attempt to dim it but don’t let them. You never ever dim that shine Caleb, it will lead you to your purpose and hopefully your passion. It will light the way for others around you who need it and don’t know how to use their own, but that’s ok, because that’s all a part of being kind.

I hope you also remain stubborn. It will probably cause us to bump heads while you’re growing up but I never want you to lose that. While I am with you, reserve some of that and save it for later, I will never steer your wrong but when I’m gone you will need it. You will need it to fight and advocate for yourself. Hold firm to what you know you can do, don’t relinquish control of what you want. You have my permission to kick and scream like you do now to protect your joy and peace at all costs.

This 5th revolution around the sun has been one for the books, you will not remember any of what’s happening outside of your little world and for that I’m grateful. I hope the grown ups around you and of this time can manage to fix some things before you ever have to know about it. I’m definitely trying to do my part. I’m trying, somehow, to do my little part in making this world nicer and safer for you. It is not easy though, in fact, it’s much like your ninja warrior set up with obstacles at each turn but slowly but surely progress is being made. Everything I do is to make you proud.

My tiny best friend, my son shine, my Bear Cub….you’re growing so fast, so funny, so compassionate. You work hard every day to work through so many emotions and feelings. There are so many little things that others take for granted that you have to really put your mind to in order to achieve, sometimes I wish I could take those daily struggles away, and yet other days I see how that fight has made you into the little brilliant boy that you are. You are a master at some many things. Your ear for music and your curiosity of different languages are skills I hope you keep. I don’t have any expectations of what your future should or could be, I am only here to guide you along the way and I’m so very excited about our journey.

Te Amo Caleb Ashton, Te Amo mucho. -Mama

Our gorgeous photographs were done by jennifer alyssa photography

The Rona & The Russian (alphabet)

The first week in May is when it started to seem like the light was finding its way through the cracks of darkness. The light at the end of the tunnel was faint. The Rona is still acting like a mean old bitch holding onto a grudge. Florida regulations had started to ease up and although I had (and still have) no plans of going out and frolicking or taking Caleb out, that gave us a little relief. For one thing, our community amenities had opened up, I could take Caleb to the playground and pool. We were both so very tired of science activities on the patio and the weather was getting into those steamy 90+ degree days. The pool was something for us to look forward to in the evenings and weekends although there were still restrictions there as well.

Another bright side was ABA had started to allow more therapist in the building, still heavily restricted on the interaction amongst kids, Caleb was able to grab 2 days with 4 hours a day. This is great! I was, and continue to be a little nervous, but we needed these services. Caleb needed these services. He needed his people and instantly the sense of routine helped everyone and home life.

At this point, work also started to relax. People were settled into the new normal. There were fewer unexpected urgent meetings to attend. I could plan my day and get Caleb into a routine. With school and those dreadful zoom meetings, coming to an end it was time for me to focus on homeschooling plans for next year. I submitted our application for the state grant, I started looking up speech and occupational therapy options, mama had a little time now and it was time to dig out of the darkness. Setting up speech and OT now ensured Caleb a spot in the fall AND allowed for him to be out of the house getting more services now. We knew for sure summer school was not an option and we needed to keep him moving forward.

Within 3 sessions of being back in ABA his caseworker advised that Caleb had not truly regressed but he had jumped 20 points in his latest evaluation. (So basically he was faking it for attention during our Rona shut in?! Got it! Sneaky little rascal) I wasn’t completely surprised though because despite the behavior issues Caleb was speaking more, he was participating in imaginative play, he’s reading, his personality was on 1000 telling jokes and playing pranks on his grandmother and myself.

Oh and then there was Mother’s Day weekend when he taught himself the Russian alphabet in less than 24 hours and the planets of the solar system.

Keeping up with this child had become an emotional rollercoaster. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I found myself occasionally second-guessing my decision to homeschool. I knew his public school wasn’t a good fit for sure but I also worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with his mind. I’m always amazed at what he already knows and what he wants to learn. He gets so annoyed with my lack of understanding as it pertains to the Russian language. I’m subpar at best helping him form sentences in Spanish. I also worry about what he won’t be interested in but will still need to know. History for example, even though he will be taught real history (black folks NOT sold separately) what if he doesn’t like it? How do I make it fun? I am not a teacher! I suspect some tutoring will most probably be involved but I don’t have all the answers yet and it’s almost time to get this plan in place.

Fast forward to June and I continue to struggle with the homeschooling idea, I know it’s what best for him but I also worry about failing miserably at it. This pandemic threw us into the deep end and we still haven’t quite recovered. The world hasn’t recovered! Florida is moving forward with school opening as normal in the fall (aka second week of August) despite CovId cases on the rise. I believe virtual schooling is an option but that has proven to not be Caleb’s cup of tea. I can’t imagine doing it with a teacher he’s never even met and built a relationship with. The good news is we are in speech therapy which he loves and will probably move forward with the occupational evaluation as well. I’ve started printing worksheets and incorporating school work throughout the day. I’m realizing now that we should start now. Caleb is all about routines and the faster we get him on one the better it is for everyone.

The transitions continue to be hard, the meltdowns are still very much a part of our life. We are trying to love him through it and give him a safe space, but it’s so emotionally (and sometimes physically) draining. My 5-year-old has a really hard time being out of control. Examples of what that looks like for Caleb are things as simple as a tv show ending and not knowing what’s coming on next. He’s gotta know what’s next. Obviously, the removal of screen time is always a hard transition. What I “think” I’ve learned is that the iPad serves many functions for Caleb. It’s his blanket, his comfort item, even if he’s not actively on it he wants it close or he’s like “where’s iPad? What’s iPad doing?”. It’s also something he can control. He has his apps, his games, his educational material and if he’s in the process of mastering something new and that process is interrupted…HOLY SMOKES!!!

The iPad continues to be the thing Gemma and I both love to hate. On a daily basis, we threaten to throw it in the garbage and yet we too have come to rely on it. I have to cook dinner Caleb, go get your iPad. Mama has a meeting baby, go grab your iPad. How confusing that must be for him?!

I guess the good news is I’ve identified this as an issue and I’m actively working on it but this is our life. The Rona tales continue…and so does the random outbreaks of the Russian alphabet.