New Year New Us…Kinda

I know I know it’s practically the first quarter of 2019 and here I come acting like we haven’t completely fallen off the grid.

Sorry ya’ll!!

Mama’s been movin’ and shakin’ and trying to get life in order. I don’t usually make new year resolutions but this year I’ve been inspired by so many people and things that the need, the desire, the drive to level up and live my best life has just been overwhelming. There’s this nagging voice inside constantly asking “how do you want Caleb to live?” I know too many people who have worked their asses off for a long time with not much to show for it. I want Caleb to look around and see differently starting with me.

On the other hand, I’ve also been toddler wrangling. Caleb is almost 4 and busier than ever! I’ve got 2 eyes, 2 hands and 2 feet on him at all times and yet I still can’t tell you how or when he sprained his ankle. He’s a true boys boy who manages to collect scabs and scrapes without anyone knowing.

The boy has been super vocal and talking up a storm and although his language is progressing nicely a lot of it has to do with his stimming which can be really funny as he sounds like he’s rehearsing for some big public speech. However, he still struggles with how to communicate his feelings including when and if he hurts himself.

If you listen carefully sometimes you may hear a little “Ouch!” or if you’re careful not blink you might also catch him rub his head or an elbow as he darts by but other than that the kid seems to feel no pain.

I’ve birthed a superhero!!

Therefore you can imagine my surprise (and fear) when he hurt his little ankle so bad that he literally couldn’t stand or walk on it. After an ER visit and X-rays showing a slight sprain, there were still no tears, just demands of “Hug!” which means pick him up and “This one!” with his tiny finger pointed in the direction of his desired final destination. For 3 days I was his mule, carrying him from the couch, to train table, to the bed, to the dining room, to the bathroom at the commands of “Hug! This one!” Finally, we’d both had enough and I had to revert him back to the old way of doing things….speed crawling!

Coincidentally, or maybe not so much, he got tired of that real quick and was up and about like nothing happened further confirming what I’ve known for some time now……Caleb is part genius and part con-man.

Wait, does that make him less of the hero and more like the evil villain?!

Anyway, the young cub is doing just fine now. He continues to use his charming traits both at school and ABA but it’s more effective on the lady teachers than it is with Mr.J at therapy.

Around the holidays I asked for Caleb to start working with Mr.J full time at ABA because I’d noticed how well Caleb responded to him and it’s made a huge difference in our lives. Caleb is progressing in his programs at school and his aggressive behavior has decreased so much they’ve taken it off of his programs as far as things to work on. It’s a great feeling knowing that they no longer have to put on arm guards when they see your kiddo coming! School is a different story, his tolerance for his peers hasn’t really changed much but he has good days and “handsy” days. I know on the days his notebook reads “we continue to work with Caleb on his emotions” that poor child has felt the inside of Caleb’s little heavy hand.

Now does Caleb still have tantrums..absolutely! He’s 3 and spoiled…Duh! But these episodes at school are not malicious or out of anger most times. We just haven’t been able to figure out his triggers, and when we do there’s a new one. I try not to let the “handsy” days get me down. His teachers are great and we stay on the same page both at school and home with his behavior. I’ve reduced what he watches and screen time just in case those were factors as well.

For now, we just stay consistent and help our tiny Jekyll & Hyde manage his emotions.

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