It’s our anniversary

What a difference a year makes

November 25, 2017 A Mama Bear and Her Cub was born!! I can’t believe it. I started writing this blog for many reasons but the support, encouragement and responses have been more than I could ever imagine. I wanted to document this journey really as a way to communicate to family and friends what was really going on. The REAL shit behind the fake smile and the generic “we’re good” that I had mastered when I just don’t feel like talking about it all. I also wanted this to be a love letter for Caleb when he got older. A non-fictional love story about his mother who had no idea what she was doing but loved him more than life and somehow figured it out. I want him to know that on the days that it was hard for me I always knew it was that much harder for him. I want him to know that I never gave up and I’d never let him give up. This is why I write.

I had no idea that so many people would be watching and listening. I had no idea that people would ask me to share my story on different platforms. I’m no expert and I never claimed to be but what I have become, unintentionally, is an advocate. What I have become, intentionally, is a badass kick ass warrior mama bear who will ensure her son has the best life he possibly can. We will never give in to the can’ts and won’ts and the impossible. The progress we’ve made in just over a year proves that we can do anything, that Caleb can do anything. It may not look the same, the road may be longer and not as smooth but we will get there. The last year has taught me to update my expectations and everyone else’s gets checked at the door.  This year has taught patience. My neighbors may not agree since I’m yelling “Caleb Ashton!!” 100 times a day but I promise progress has been made. After all he is still a 3-year-old boy who likes to jump from couch to couch, slide down the stairs, throw balls on the stove and every other hear stopping daredevil adventure he can imagine and or imitate from television.

As our journey continues its my hope that you continue to follow along, its my hope that you continue to lift us in your prayers and your hearts, its my hope that you are inspired and its my hope that when you see a mom having a hard time with a child having a tantrum in Wal-Mart that you send her an empathetic smile because it may beyond their control. I can guarantee you she will appreciate it, she will feel less embarrassed, she will feel less judged. She will be re-assured that’s its going to be ok and this too shall pass.

xo Mama Bear

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