Pre-K II…A Boy’s Joy

“K-8 Learn, Excel and Create” -our school slogan

I came home excited from new parent orientation and I couldn’t wait for Caleb and Gemma to see for themselves. I had all Gemma’s questions answered but my mama is a lady that needs to lay eyes on things/people for herself ESPECIALLY when it came to her grand-baby. Caleb had ABA the morning of which was perfect because we would talk about how he was leaving “school” to go see his new teachers. (This was how I decided to distinguish between the two as he would still be going to ABA on days he didn’t have school)

We pulled up to the big school and parked, he jumped out wide-eyed as other families were walking in from the parking lot with us. He was excited to see the bigger kids and quietly took in everything around him holding mama and Gemma with each hand. When we got to his classroom I got down and told him this was his class and his teachers. “Teacher?!” He reaches passed me and grab the door handle and opened up the classroom door on his own. It was hectic to say the least, parents and teachers and teachers aides all around. One child was screaming his head off and I looked down at Caleb to make sure he wasn’t triggered. Caleb was GONE! He had spotted a boy at the table playing with letters and he instantly had a buddy and had found his happy place.

I turned to Mom who was meeting Miss M and we both just shrugged. One of the teachers assistants swooped in and got Caleb his own bucket of letters. She looked up at me and said “He’s gonna be just fine.” I’d never felt such relief. Meanwhile the other kid was still crying his little heart out and Caleb hadn’t even seemed to notice.

It took some work to pull Caleb away from his letters but I wanted to show him his cubby with his name, the computer station, there was even a train table on the other side. He ran through the class like we were in Toys R Us! (R.I.P T.R.U) My fellow newbie mama was there too with her little and it was like watching Caleb play with his twin. The ran and recited numbers and colors together. His mom and I snapped pictures and laughed. Once I get that feeling of relief came over me. We didn’t speak much about the specifics of our boys but it was obvious they were alike and why. It was obvious that it felt good to silently connect with someone who knew exactly what the good days and the bad days were like. We exchanged numbers that day and although we haven’t used them I know we will.

When it was time to go I felt bad telling Caleb, I thought he’d cry but we said our tear-free goodbyes to everyone. The walk back to the car was as quiet as the walk in except there was a slight smile on his little face. Gemma and I smiled at each other and we headed home.

When we pulled up to the house I heard Caleb was “Teachers? Want teachers.” and then tears. He was ready! He was ready to go back to teachers. We’d have to get through the weekend but I was happy he was excited.

After a few requests for teachers over the weekend, the first day of school was here! Dressed in his uniform with his backpack he was ready! He skipped down the stairs, jumped in the car, smiles from ear to ear when we pulled up.

The first day of school was a success! No tears shed…he was cool, calm and collected and I followed suit.

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