The birth of the blog

“Reading is like breathing in, writing is like breathing out.” Pam Allyn

We were knee-deep into a treatment plan that consisted of speech therapy twice a week and daily nasal sprays. The good news is we started to see progress right away which was amazing.

After just 6 speech sessions Caleb was now grabbing his Cookie Monster bath toy and yelling “bath!” when he was ready for a bath. He was also telling me “eat” and “again” when he wanted more. He was learning sign language in therapy also and picked that up right away, he was signing “Open” and “car”. By week 6 he had his family album memorized so he was saying mommy, daddy, Nana, Gemma (of course), pots (pops for his grandpa), Aunty and Tita (his godmothers)…he was a brand new child and was noticeably excited that he could communicate and we could understand him. At week 10 we working on verbs, we were using action cards at home and Caleb was catching on. He especially like “CRASH”, “JUMP” and “BOUNCE”! We couldn’t believe how well he was doing despite his therapist saying he was the “most strong-willed child” she ever worked with.

Caleb didn’t appreciate the nasal spray as much and it made his appetite non-existent…M O R E non existent! We still had eating struggles. The pediatric ear, nose and throat doctor had said that Caleb had allergies and it was clear that he wasn’t talking about pollen and/or animal allergies. He was pretty sure it was a food allergy and probably the same food allergies that I had. The problem was as far as I knew I didn’t have a food allergy. He explained that allergies don’t always look like itchy nose, rash, watery eye symptoms, allergies can mean that your body just feels like crap. His suggestion was an at home allergy test. “Go home and binge eat dairy for 3 days, if you feel like crap you’re allergic. Same with gluten.”

Well doc if that’s the case I can save myself the trouble I already know I must be allergic to it all. I have attempted to be vegan enough times to know that my body hates all that stuff. In my perfect world Caleb and I would both be plant-based vegans. In my perfect world my child would eat fruits and veggies. My pregnancy plan was one with No McDonalds, No sweets, my child would love only natures candy aka

I wanted to instill healthier eating habits than I had but somewhere between Caleb giving up on my breast milk earlier than expected and him not eating ANYTHING we gave him I went into panic mode and decided that I’d rather him eat anything rather than nothing. We’ve had so many other challenges I thought I was “picking my battles”. In fact I remember actually saying out loud once “I can’t wait for you to start talking so I can bribe you into eating your vegetables like other kids.” SMH…fantastic parenting right?!

So here I am with additional Mom guilt, because there seems to be an endless supply, and a child who is semi verbal, undiagnosed and only wants to eat PBJ, bagels and pancakes/waffles. I believe Caleb has an issue with textures of food and he definitely is sensitive to how food smells which makes trying to “sneak” in new foods more difficult. However I also know that if I could improve his diet his whole body would function at another level.

This is where my daily searches on pinterest would come in and this is when I decided it was time to start the blog. I was helpless and hopeless and I knew that by sharing our story I’d either help someone else or get some support myself and my spirit was in desperate need of both.

That same day I grabbed my notebook, the one that says “Some pursue happiness others create it” on the front and I started writing…I went all the way back to “The beginning” and I’ve been writing ever since.

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