The In-between days

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” – Theodore Roosevelt

I started to call this one “random shit” because that’s how it’s noted in my notebook but I cleaned it up a little. Nevertheless I felt like I needed to share about the in-between days.

The in-between days are the days between all the big events that I’ve been writing about. The days that are filled with big laughs and quiet cries. Until now I’ve shared the milestone things, the “ah ha” moments as my aunt (in my head) Oprah would call them but there’s so much random shit in between THOSE days.

There are meltdowns and hugs and kisses shared by all. Like any mama I have good days and bad days. I have Mom guilt and i can be snappy. I have days where i just want to get my hair done and a pedicure but instead I rotate between my morning sweats and my bedtime sweats. sexy right?! Do I want to date? Um hell yes! I’m not a nun or a Komodo Dragon. (asexual animal example) But I am a single mom working two jobs and I have a child that needs a little extra TLC.

Like any other toddler boy Caleb is very much a boys boy who loves to climb and jump and run. He loves to “crash” his cars and “catch” his ball, which in real life means throw. He runs through the house like a tiny tornado with pot covers in one hand and sometimes mommy’s bra in the other if laundry hasn’t gotten put away in a timely manner..Don’t judge me!

Caleb loves music and although he hasn’t always been able to repeat the words(which he just started doing) he’s always been a dancing machine and squeals with excitement when Maroon 5 or Nicki Minaj comes on. He also loves a good reggae beat like his mom and Gemma. Caleb is curious and likes to hang out in the window, which may or may not include twirling in the curtains.

Caleb is that kid that doesn’t allow me to shower in peace so he and Cookie Monster will sit on the bathroom floor like tiny intruders. He loves a good bath himself but HATES showers, water falling over his head brings anxiety which means hair washing is always traumatizing. (If anyone knows how to make this easier please leave comments below)

Most in between days are a challenge but we’ve seen progress. I am a work from home mama and now that Caleb isn’t in daycare we’ve had to get creative in our living space but we manage. If you were a fly on the wall on any given day you’d hear a lot of “Are you ok?” “Everything ok?” “Is he ok?” back and forth between mama and Gemma. Some days I’m locked in a room, other days Caleb goes outside for a walk while I take an important call.

Everyday is a new day. Everyday is a new adventure. Everyday is about what Caleb needs to be happy and healthy and grow.

For now this is our normal. I’m unsure as to when Caleb will go back to daycare. The fact is he just isn’t ready for that environment yet he hasn’t been formally diagnosed with specific special needs which makes it hard to look for alternative options. So…for now it’s just the three of us winging it…..on those in between days.

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