The Learning Experience

You’re off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, So… get on your way!” -Dr.Seuss

Caleb was off to daycare literally the minute we had landed in FL. I had pre-registered him before we moved after doing some research on the daycare. They were a franchise and all the activities and enrichment programs they had seemed like a great fit. When we actually got here I went in to meet the owner and the director. We took the tour and Caleb was excited. I had a really good feeling about the place. I felt like Caleb was ready as well, he as eager to play with kids.

In fact when we saw kids out in the store he would turn down another aisle because he would go CRAZY and want to get out and go play.

Anyway, the owner seemed to know every child in the place which I loved and she assured me the safety was #1 after I gave her the story of our last daycare provider. I’d also taken the time to tell her that Caleb was not a great eater and wasn’t talking a lot and she wasn’t concerned at all. In fact she casually made mention that her son also talked “later” but after 6 months in speech therapy his vocabulary was where it needed to be…Did she say speech therapy??? Our doctor in Georgia had also mentioned speech therapy…maybe I need to look into this. *insert mental note to ask pediatrician.

Almost immediately everyone at the daycare was VERY impressed with his counting and knowledge of letters which he showed off right away. He interacted with a few teachers and was excited to see the children. He even stayed in what would become his classroom with his new teacher while we continued to tour the facility.

The school was brand new in fact Caleb’s class wasn’t at full capacity which was nice. There were some cubs who were part-time, like him, so on any given day there would be a little more or a little less in his class. His teacher and I were instantly on the same page about starting to potty train and weaning him off of his dear binky (pacifier).

I was so excited for Caleb to learn great things behind those walls. He was ready. And mama was ready.

This would be such an awesome learning experience but I had no idea I’d learn more here than him.

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