Terrific Terrible Twos

“Families survive the terrible twos because toddlers aren’t strong enough to kill with their hands and aren’t capable of using lethal weapons” – Paul Bloom

I feel like the “terrible two’s” started at the terrible 18 months in regards to tantrums and BITING!! Ugh!!! Have you ever been bitten by fresh cut baby teeth?? I’ve never been bitten by a vampire but I imagine it’s worse than that.

Like a normal two year old, we’d experience tantrums when sleepy and when he didn’t get his way. He didn’t have to share too often since he was still in the home during the day and an only child but Caleb wasn’t a fan of it when he did. I was less concerned with the tantrums but the biting needed to end….ASAP! Mom and I both had battle wounds and I didn’t want him biting other people or other kids when we were out. Caleb still wasn’t speaking much but he understood (we think) when we told him biting wasn’t nice. I figured not being able to express himself was frustrating but it wasn’t fun for me either. I thought maybe he was still teething and that played a part but the dentist confirmed that all of his teeth were in. We started to rely on the pacifier a little more as a barrier between him and our thighs which is where he often sunk in his chompers but I knew that wasn’t the long term answer, as a matter of fact we were just about to start weaning him off of that too.

Eventually the biting seemed to subside, it wasn’t as frequent and we definitely got better at dodging the teeth. Hitting and scratching eventually took turns during the meltdowns but we just assumed this too shall pass. We took the doctors and everyone else’s advice when they said to just ignore him and they’d end quickly. This was true. But how did I become THAT mother with the screaming child? As if my arrogant ass would somehow be spared by this phase right? Girl Bye!

There was this one thing though that we couldn’t understand….suddenly, because I can’t tell you when it started exactly, Caleb started falling out into tantrums when certain things would happen on TV. Particularly if someone or a character would fall or appear to hurt them self. It’s like he was crying because they were hurt. Like full blown throw himself down, crying real tears because his friends in the TV were hurting. It seemed a little strange to me and started out of nowhere. Soon enough we were avoiding certain cartoons or episodes, ones he’d watched a million times before. They were no longer enjoyable….for any of us. Whatever though right, who knows why toddlers do the things they do?!

Despite being in waist deep in this terrible two phase I decided it was time for Caleb to go back to daycare. We had made our move to Florida, I had taken on a second job and he really needed to be out socializing. Like I said Caleb still wasn’t speaking much outside of reciting his beloved numbers, letters, colors and shapes and it was my hope that being around little people would help with that. His new pediatrician had agreed and said before we knew it she suspected he’d be talking our ears off.

So off to his new school he went….I was nervous considering our last day care experience but I also had a knot in my tummy about other things. He was still in “terrible two” mode with occasional tantrums and wasn’t eating much at all, in fact it seemed less and less as time went on, but these were daycare providers right? Surely they’d seen this all before…I was just being crazy mama bear.

This would be good for us all….right?

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