ABCs and 123s

“plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose” translation: “The more it changes, the more it’s the same thing.” Or most commonly heard as “The more things change, the more they stay the same”-Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Kar

There’s so much growth, independence and exploration that comes with a year old. It’s amazing and beautiful that when they first turn one they’re still so wiggly and wobbly but towards the age of two they are so solid and firm….and opinionated. LOL At least thats how the first year felt to me. Caleb was running and jumping and climbing yet falling and tripping and banging himself along the way. Happy as can be; a real “boy boy”.

Not a big fan of the park or indoor activity places still but he loved a good pool day and always down for long walks and rides in his stroller…the car still not so much. He felt better about forward facing and seeing where we were going but the shorter the ride the better and having someone in the backseat seemed to ease the anxiety too. He still loved to get on a flight though and he was great travel buddy.

He’d also discovered his love for cars and trains. They’d be lined up in his room. In the living room. In the hallway. He was a numbers and letters reciting machine…over and over and over and over again. Then he was counting the cars and the trains that he had lined up over and over and over again. We’d giggle and laugh and take pictures of his “baby OCD”. The kid wouldn’t stop at anything until he’d mastered it in his mind. Counting went from 1-10….to 1-10 in spanish…to 1-20…to 1-15 in spanish. We were counting lines of cars in English, then Spanish then backwards….day in and day out. Towards the end of the year he’d also found a love for the German and Japanese languages, nothing but numbers and alphabets but intrigued nonetheless.

Mom and I don’t speak Spanish, German or Japanese by the way, this was all stuff Caleb found on his own using the iPad. The same iPad we still couldn’t leave home without. The same iPad he wouldn’t eat without. The iPad that we’d all come to depend on.

At least he wasn’t watching SpongeBob though. These were educational videos, he had 2 regular cartoons he liked but for the most part he wanted to learn. He wanted to absorb numbers, letters, colors and shapes. This was all good stuff right? That’s what I was telling myself.

None of these videos were teaching my cub to call me mama though. And they weren’t helping with getting him to eat. In fact his food list was rapidly changing and shrinking…we were down to grilled cheese, pancake, PBJ, chicken nuggets and the occasional sweet potatoes. Caleb’s version of the 5 food groups.

As usual doctor’s visit were normal, I would ask about the restless night and be told it’s because I was a co-sleeping mama and Caleb needed to be in his own bed. I was concerned that he wasn’t interested or able to hold a spoon or fork and feed himself. His doctor, less concerned, would just say “Mr.Caleb you’ll never get a date if you don’t know how to use a spoon.” And the more i thought about it, nothing he ate required him to. He hated getting his hands dirty but as long as he could pick up his pancakes and wipe the agave on his shirt he was ok with that.

Mama wasn’t though but I still questioned whether I should be concerned.


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