Not all kids are the same (Part 2)

I’m skipping the quote this time and providing a definition (not yet on google)

Trushit- Meaning: Truth yet also Bullshit . Not all kids are the same is trushit.”

Parents are always told not to compare their child to others. “Not all kids are the same.” While this is true it is impossible not to compare your child to others when the whole world is going to do it. We have height and weight percentile charts at doctors visits. Teachers do it in daycare, preschool, middle school and on and on. There are developmental charts, even the baby apps we all downloaded when we got pregnant compares our children. I’m not the only one still getting emails from The BUMP about what my 29 month old SHOULD be doing. I say all that to say…I don’t think comparing your child has to be a negative thing and FOR ME it was eye opening.

Three months after Caleb turned one we headed south and spent a year in Georgia before we got to Tampa. As soon as we settled into Georgia I decided that Caleb was ready to start daycare. He had started to warm up a little to other kids and adults he spent a lot of time with and with walking and exploring it was just easier to get him out the house since I work from home…LOL. My hope was also that Caleb would start to say a few more words. I was dying to hear “Mommy, mom, mama”.

The daycare saga started off normal with the usual tears from both us I’d say for about 2 weeks but Caleb never enjoyed going to that daycare. Although the crying stopped he always seemed sad to go. This always made me sad. Was he too young? What was happening there? Maybe I should take him out until he can talk to me about why he doesn’t seem to like about it? How do I get him to talk if I don’t leave him in daycare? UGH…this is so hard too!

After about 9 weeks we took Caleb out of that daycare but I had learned a few things. The first was to trust my instincts and listen to what my child who couldn’t speak was trying to say. In the short time Caleb was there we had multiple incidents with him putting things in his mouth that weren’t safe and nobody had noticed. The other thing was Caleb was always coming home hungry because he wouldn’t eat at school. Not only were the other kids eating they were feeding themselves which I noticed Caleb had not started doing yet either.

Since I noticed the eating and feeding part right away we asked Caleb’s doctor about this. We were new to town so this was a new pediatrician therefore I had to give him our whole picky eater history. Once I was done the doctor said the same thing the apps did….try this, try that, he’s healthy, babies don’t starve themselves, keep on with the smoothies, etc..but then he said “Caleb should not be recognizing texture at this age and if he continues with that pattern we will want to get him into speech therapy”. I remember this vividly because in that moment my thought was “What the hell does his hate of grainy and slimy food have to do with a speech therapist?” I didn’t get the correlation and I wouldn’t fully understand until a little over a year later.

Caleb never went back to daycare while we were in Georgia, the experience had left me feeling uneasy and once again feeling like I needed to work more with him at home, both on his eating and feeding himself and maybe I needed to work a little harder on getting him to communicate too. We were on a mission to be a mommy and Gemma home schooling system…and yes all while I worked a full time 40 hour/ week job.

Overachiever much?!




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