Not all kids are the same (Part 1)

“I do not like green eggs and ham I do not like them Sam I am” Dr. Seuss

I promised I’d get back to our picky eater adventures so here we go! This one is a little longer because the journey has led us to a few places along the way. I will say right now that I don’t have a solution for you if your cub is also a picky eater but I will say that it plays a bigger role than we initially thought in our story.

Anyway, going back a little, Caleb was never crazy about any of the many formula brands and types that we tried (when he rejected the breast milk even after I’d pump it). So obviously I was SUPER excited when it was time to introduce solids. Mostly because they said solid foods would make baby sleep like a bear and God knows I wanted us both to go into hibernation mode. To my surprise that would be another myth in our household.*insert eye rolling

When we initially introduced solid foods to Caleb he would still only really eat a small selection of things like sweet potatoes, oatmeal, yogurt, pancakes, fruits, PBJ and he only drank almond milk…right away he did not like meat. No meat, No fish, no eggs….no pasta and no rice. This was a little surprising because in the brief stage where he would get baby food he liked all of the flavors and combinations. We had also noticed Caleb would smell his food before he would even stick his little tongue out far enough to taste what it was then reject it! Weird right for a one year old?? What does he know about smelling something first? And was it a coincidence that he wouldn’t eat anything with a “mushy or grainy” texture? Or does he just have a sweet tooth like his mama? Had I ruined his appetite with the processed baby food I had vowed never to give my child.

Oh Well! Off to my circle of friends and apps I go to get expert advice about my baby’s eating habits. The problem was all my friends had great eating babies! Or if their child was picky they definitely ate more than mine was. *double eye roll* Surely the apps will know! The pediatric smart phone app alliance must have some insight on the topic! (Lol don’t google that please) Yeah that would be a fail too! Everything I found said let them try new things, hide it in their PASTA, mix it into their RICE, cook it into their EGGS…you guys see the problem right?? Most kids eat these staple initial foods but not my cub. So our go to for nutrients became a smoothie and still is to this day.

But could my baby truly be healthy and develop and get what he needs on a daily smoothie?? I was back to feeling like I’d never get a handle on this Mom thing…from my breastfeeding struggle all the way to solid foods my child has never been satisfied with the nutrition I’ve tried to give him. Feeding your child is the foundation of everything. What they digest feeds their mind, body and soul…and I couldn’t get it right. How could I not get this right? I’m a grown woman. I take care of everything and everybody. I’m 34 years old, not 16. How can I not manage to figure out how to get this tiny person to eat?!? I an effort to ease my stress mom told me stories of my own “picky eater” phase and how she’d go to work crying that her baby didn’t eat and now look at me now. MAJOR FOODIE!!

This too shall pass…this too shall past right? Anybody know when?? These were my thoughts for well over a year but on the outside I kept it together….I think.

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