The beginning….

“Know from whence you came. If you know whence you came, there are absolutely no limitations to where you can go.”
James Baldwin

I spent a lot of time trying to determine where to start with my first blog which is hilarious considering I’ve only been a mama 2.5 years… where else would I start but from the beginning?! After all it wasn’t too long ago and looking back that is where all of our recent adventures and discoveries (those are the words I will use instead of challenges or upsets or anything else with a negative undertone) started.

So let me introduce you to my baby bear….Caleb was a normal baby hitting all the typical milestones according to his doctor and all the baby apps. I nursed for 6 months before he started to adamantly refuse my milk and then the very thing I didn’t want to happen became our norm…FORMULA feedings! I was that mom who said “I’ll never give my baby that stuff!” “Breast is best!” blah blah blah….the truth is an eating baby is best and this hungry baby didn’t want mama’s milk. However this is where we started down the path of our “picky eater” but we will come back to that.

Along with the eating adventures, baby bear was also particular about wearing hats, hoods or anything on his head which made leaving the house the one winter we spent in the northeast complicated (he’d rather take his head off to this day). He also didn’t care for mittens or anything that had his hands confined.  While other babies liked to be swaddled or carried in a baby carrier, Caleb did NOT! This was also his sentiment when it came to being strapped into his car seat. Unlike his mama, who still falls asleep within five minutes unless I’m driving, Caleb did not sleep in the car like they said he would. (they= doctors, books, apps, other moms, friends, strangers) He was also restless in his baby swings and rockers wiggling out as soon as he was able to.

By now you must be thinking “GOOD GRIEF! What does this little person enjoy/like?”  I know that would be my thought, actually that has been my exact thought often…lol. The answer friends is MUSIC!! Music is what has always soothed the savage beast. Music is what got us through late nights, nap times, car rides, it is what gets us through our adventures. At a very young age Caleb would even watch TV shows and cartoons that were 15-25 minutes long without moving an inch because of the music in the shows and the commercials. The ipad became the go to……when leaving the house it was baby, diapers, wipes, ipad. We became dependent on the ipad.

As they say, anything in excess is never a good thing.


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