This is Us

My name is Tiffany, the mama to my 6 1/2 year old son Caleb Ashton and we live in Tampa, Florida. Originally from the Northeast, we moved to Tampa to be closer to family and get out of the cold weather which we realized quickly, would be exactly what we both needed on our life’s journey. I am a single mom (or a mom who is single as my girlfriends like to say) to Caleb but I get daily support from my own mother while I work to support the three of us. 

Unlike most young girls my desire to be a mom didn’t happen naturally or at the age of 10. In fact it didn’t happen until I was 31 and suddenly I heard “the clock” everyone always spoke about starting to tick (loudly and constantly). Fast forward 2 years and here comes baby! A perfect little boy with 10 fingers, 10 toes and a perfectly round nose. 

This blog is our “story”, a story that has nothing to do with economical status or whether you are a single mom like me or share parenting with a significant other. It is not a story told by a writer. It a story of a mama who follows her intuition. A mama who listened to the words her son could not speak and our journey to help his brilliant mind find his words. It is my hope that mamas and their support teams everywhere find something in this blog that is relatable, informational or inspirational. 

I also hope you laugh and smile a lot along the way….XOXO -MamaBear